Friday, July 17, 2015

Groovy Baby!

Happy Friday!

Can you believe it? We're halfway through summer! It's so crazy how quickly time flies! I hope that all of you have had the opportunity to go outside and enjoy this warm weather. Lately, Southern California has had a mild summer with a couple of scattered heat waves and thunder storms. Personally, I have taken I liking to it.

Today, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite outfits for summer. This retro inspired look is perfect to wear to a BBQ, a casual date, or a girls day out.

I found this lovely  1960's Style Polka Dot Romper from Unique Vintage about two weeks ago. Let me tell you, it was definitely love at first sight! I really like the convertible boatneck/off-the-shoulder design and the loose sleeves. Furthermore, the navy blue and white pattern add a nice classic touch. My favorite part of the romper is the camel toned belt. It's not too often that retailers include the belt with the romper, but it was a perfect accessory to highlight my natural waistline. The romper also comes in yellow if you're interested!

The best part of this romper is how comfortable and cool it was. I had no issues with garment readjustments or overheating whatsoever. It's the perfect piece of clothing for those of you who want a low maintenance outfit for summer. Consider it a 2-for-1 special if you would!

Hair & Makeup
I opted for a 60's inspired look, with a contemporary twist. Honestly, I think that I lucked out with my bob hairstyle. It's low maintenance, and it dries quickly. I didn't have to style it or put any product in it. I just brushed it and let it air dry.

For my makeup, I went with a classic, sun-kissed look. I really focused on highlighting my eyes and my cheeks. For my eyes, I went with a simple cat eye followed by a generous coat of mascara to really bring out my upper lashes. For my bottom lashes, I created faux lashes with an eyebrow pencil to create that signature mod eye look. Moreover, I contoured the hollow of my cheeks to highlight my cheekbone structure, and applied a rosy tint of lipstick to my lips to add a splash of color.

Interested in recreating this makeup look? I've detailed the products below!

What you'll need:
Moss Green Fedora - vacation (don't remember store name)

I found these adorable tan Doreen heels from Restricted Shoes about one to two weeks ago. Their 70's retro vibe really drew me into them. As a huge devotee to flats, this was a tough choice for me. While I love the aesthetic of heels, I am the biggest offender when it comes to getting cuts and blisters on my feet (despite taking all of the necessary precautions). Amid this mental debate, I actually decided to take my chance on these heels because of my past experiences with Restricted Shoes.

Let me explain....

To start off, I own about six pairs of Restricted Shoes. If you have been following me on Instagram for a while, you will notice that I tend to wear the same shoes over and over. I've been wearing their shoes for over a year now since first discovering them on Modcloth. Since then, I've put a lot of mileage on these shoes, due to their affordability, comfort, and style. Since purchasing their shoes, I've never had a foot injury or fashion dilemma. True fact!

Wanna see more? Check out my Instagram!

The history that I have with their shoes made it a lot easier for me to take a chance on these Doreen heels. I'm really glad that I did! The heel is thick enough to walk comfortably for a novice heel trekker like me, yet tall enough to give me just the right amount of height (my estimate is about 2-2.5 inches). I spent two hours of my day last week walking around in them, and had no issues breaking them in.

If you're interested in checking out these Doreen heels or would like to explore other Restricted Shoes, I would highly recommend it! As an added bonus, if you use the coupon code TRANGERINE25 on their website, they will give you 25% off your purchase of any regular priced item, valid now through August 31st. How cool is that? As an avid online shopper, I haven't found a discount quite that high in the last couple of months. Go check them out!

I hope you enjoyed this look, and will be inspired to add some flair to your summer style. If you do decide to rock a romper this summer or get a pair of Restricted Shoes, don't forget to tag me on Twitter or Instagram via @Tran_gerine so that I can check out your style! Until next time, happy styling!



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