Saturday, February 1, 2014

All About Bettie

Happy February everyone!

It's my favorite month of the year, and there is so much to talk about! I can't wait to post some more of my favorite looks, styles, and DIY projects for you this month.

Let's get started!

Today, I will be talking about a new hairstyle that I recently tried, "Bettie Bangs". Bettie Page was well-known for modeling and escalating the popularity of this iconic look. If you ever get a chance to read or watch a documentary about her, I highly recommend it!

Before trying the look myself, I wasn't exactly sure how I felt about the idea of short, fringed bangs. As a young woman with a round face, I wasn't so sure if it would suit me at all. Naturally, I went onto the internet and looked up tutorials and pictures of other women who had tried the look. I eventually convinced myself to give it a shot. Faux Bettie Bangs seemed like a safe bet because it did not require commitment to cutting my hair. At least if this didn't work out, I tried the hairstyle in the privacy of my own home.

Here are the steps that I used to achieve my look:
  1. First, I took one of my donut shaped bun sponges and cut it in half.
  2. Then, I back combed my hair to give it some volume.
  3. Next, I sectioned of a small semicircle shaped portion of hair toward in the front of my scalp to save it for the bangs.
  4. To continue, I pulled back the rest of my hair into a bun to keep it out of the way.
  5. At this point, I took my front section of hair, and rolled it around the hair sponge toward my face to achieve the bangs. I made sure to spread out my hair evenly to conceal the sponge, and bobby pin everything into place. 
  6. To finish, I added some pomade and hairspray to hold down any flyaway hairs, and tied a silk scarf around my head.
NoteYou can try this look with long or short hair. I recently cut my hair about shoulder length (no layers) and have blunt bangs (about eyebrow length). Did I see this as a setback? No. If anything, it was a great challenge to tackle. Work with what you have. It makes the end result all the more rewarding!

There you have it! My experimental Bettie Bangs. No scissors required! I had so much fun trying it out! Maybe next time I will be brave enough to wear it out! My next goal is to keep practicing new ways to make my fringe better. Who knows, maybe next time I'll try it sans the hair sponge.

What do you think?

Do you have any good tips that could help me to improve the look or technique of my faux Bettie Bangs? I would love to hear your feedback! Thanks for stopping by! 

Until next time,